Name: David Richer

635 Manderley Run
Lake Mary, FL 32746-2617

Phone#: 407-323-9218

AIM: RickMenkins


IP Address:

Host name:

bimmerd00d: Brandon Holloway : Garland, TX :
Fireal20: Will McKnight : Fort Worth, TX :
GujuMafia1: Sameer Patel : Tulsa, OK : : 918-851-9182

Greg Abbot Attorney Gen.
(512) 463-2100





01/04/06: I received a call from Becky Gold from the Lake Mary Police Department, she informed me that "David Richer" has been under investigation and that they did have a warrant to his house and are now attempting to pursue charges. Anyone that was scammed needs to call her and she will provide you with any other information. You will have to contact your local authorities and file a report which then will in turn be sent to another detective, Kim Suehrer. My name is Sam (Sameer Patel). Please attempt to e-mail me if this applies to you, Please disregard any previous e-mails sent as I would like a new one sent from everyone after this new update. Thanks!


Becky Gold - 407-585-1338

Kim Suehrer - 407-585-1317